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Labour: Free British broadband for country if we win general election

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So are you saying that we're not allowed to vote to leave the EU then? Because leaving is impossible? In which case we're no longer a democracy and what's the point?

Now to criticise the referendum campaign is perfectly fair. Leave were all sunny and optimistic - and of course being split on what they wanted weren't offering a standard policy. Whereas remain were incredibly depressing, failed to put much of the positive case for the EU and used such apocalyptic levels of threats of doom to the economy that it approaches falsehood. For example, we're 3-4% of GDP poorer since voting for Brexit - according to lots of reports - and yet our economy has grown faster than Germany (and the Eurozone average) in that time. Which makes no sense - because we've been repeatedly told that we're of only peripheral importance to their economy - and our loss of jobs would be their gain.

The referendum shouldn't have been allowed point is the one I have zero patience with. We could have solved it by a general election, but it's a cross party issue - as the last election proved - and this one might as well.

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