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It only makes sense for the providers, not the infrastructure. If fibre is layed to a house by 1 provider, there is very little insentive for another provider to do the same due to cost. So the competition you talk of did not exist.

It is currently done with power and gas, do you think there would be more competition if each power and gas company has to install their own power lines and gas pipes?

If the government were able to get fibre installed to every home, guaranteed, that would provide the best competition available. But it would need to be point to point, none of this gpon shite. With access to cabinets if wanted by each company so that they can provide the tech they want to deliver. Along with basic provioning (1gb ports, dwdm for back haul expansion) so that providers can use what the gov put in instead and they just provide peering.

But of course its going to cost. And well will they be able to do it.

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