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The silence of the racks is deafening, production gear has gone dark – so which wire do we cut?

Mine's a Large One

Years back, our IT building (and the rest of the Regional HQ it was tacked-onto) was backed by a couple of fairly substatial diesel generators, which could apparently power everything "almost indefinitely" should the need arise.One day everything in the office suddenly went dark and very quiet, then before anyone could say anything, bright & noisy again. Yay. About 5 minutes later, we're dark and quiet again but this time it stayed like that. I looked-up to say something to a colleague and noticed the thick plume of smoke from the generator house... We were sent home later when it was clear the power wasn't coming back!!

Talking to the maintenance guys next day, I was told that workmen had killed a local transformer up the road, which had triggered the first gennie to start. When it wasn't fully delivering power a few minutes later (although it was running), that triggered the second gennie to start which promptly started spewing fuel over everything in sight, including the exhaust of the first, which was now quite hot causing lots of smoke (they never said if it started a fire but the general consensus was it had),

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