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Aha. Your self-training should include thinking through how to perform shutdown blind, using just relevant keystrokes. Login/unlock sequence, "get me into a shell", and shutdown itself. In the case of a server, the absence of any GUI simplifies things.

Reminds me of a machine that I had years ago with a dodgy display adapter - if you switched the monitor off, then when it was switched back on again the display output was garbled to b*****y..

During his late night walkabouts, our security guard was wont to switch off any monitors left on...including mine, despite instructions not to.

I often left jobs running overnight, so it was a problem when I came in the next morning as I couldn't use my machine.

I was reluctant to get rid of the machine in question as it was the only Pentium in the office (I said this was years ago). Consequently I had to learn the keystrokes to do a blind orderly shutdown of WinNT, so that I could then reboot my PC which would make the display work again.

Happy times.

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