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@Jason Bloomberg

"Losers' consent is earned. It is not a right nor mandatory."

Then it is not democracy. It must be mandatory for the result to be respected if it is democratic otherwise it is autocratic aka thanks for your opinion now shove off. The unfortunate situation here is the demand for autocratic rule as long as it fits the minority view. Aka not democracy.

"If it were; one would have no right of recourse when one lost everything in a rigged card game or any other scam."

But there was no scam. There was a vote which had the usual political bull on both sides but also direct threat against the population by the government, and they still lost. With such an attempt to rig the vote and still losing the result is fairly clear.

"There were so many lies, and so much bait and switch, which conned people into voting leave, who would not have done so if they had known the truth, that I cannot and will never respect the result."

Leave lied their arses off. The official leave campaign was so bad I at first thought they were purposefully trying to lose (until I saw the remain campaign). The remain campaign not only lied but used the power of government to directly threaten the population. After 3 votes on this most important topic leave has won consistently. The result isnt in question, only why it hasnt happened yet.

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