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Here in Sunny Northern Ireland, the water company is still owned by the government. We don't even have separate water bills, it's covered in the rates (which are cheaper than England's council tax). Yes it's underfunded and they keep threatening us with water bills, but the water quality, environmental performance and customer service has been improving year on year. Its a situation where a Nationalised business works and in my opinion it does a much better job and produces better tasting water than the alleged criminals at Southen Water ever did when I had to deal with them.

Unfortunately BT is not a water company, part privatising BT will just lead to even more underinvestment when the government realises it doesn't have enough to pay for broadband and the NHS, remove what little competition BT has, which is actually increasing, but not fast enough. It will lead to the UK falling behind other parts of the world. They would be better off giving OFCOM some teeth and forcing it to address competition concerns, make Virgin open their network. The whole argument that BT didn't have to fund their network and Virgin did holds less truth as time moves on

Some of my family live in Australia and that's exactly what they are seeing there with the NBN, given their successive governments seem a little bit more on the ball than your usual Labour MP (We're lucky if Diane Abbot knows what day it is) I suspect British Broadband* will make NBN look like the holy grail.

*I'm hoping that as Northern Ireland isn't part of Britain, merely in the UK, it won't be covered by this rubbish idea

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