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Labour: Free British broadband for country if we win general election

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It would facilitate that. The further apart that OpenReach is from whoever you deal with the less the ability of that whoever to be forewarned and to pass on the warning.

It's bad enough already. One afternoon some months ago phone and broadband kept going down. I tried ringing BT to ask if they knew there was any work going on in the area. No there wasn't. They could arrange a call-out but it would coast £80 if there was nothing wrong. Rather than do that I went down to the village where the cabinets are. Two manholes with the covers off, each occupied by a guy sorting out connections which they told me were no in great condition. Essential work, the only thing wrong was lack of communication (yes, the irony) back to customer disservice and hence to the customer. If things are to be broken up there needs to be a real effort on communicating this sort of thing all the way to the customer.

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