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Labour: Free British broadband for country if we win general election

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"still most leavers are either Conservative voters or traditional non-voters."

Wishful thinking. Completely untrue, by all the evidence. Next you'll be telling us poor people were too stupid to know what they were voting for.


My evidence is that Labour voters have consistently polled for remain in the mid 60% range. Which is most, by any definition.

Whereas Tory voters are more than 70% leave.

I'm not saying that Labour won't lose seats by becoming a remainer party. But not as many as it looks like they're going to lose this election by not being. Although in the last week polls have moved and Labour are up around 30% - mostly at the expense of the Lib Dems. But then the Conservatives are now polling around 40% - having nicked a smilar number of voters from the Brexit party.

I think turnout will be key. Will anti-Corbyn Labour voters turn out because they're even more anti-Johnson?

The difference this time is that Corbyn is down from 2017's -20% net approval ratings to worse than -40%. i.e. about 20% approve of him and 60% disapprove. With 20% don't know.

Johnson is about net evens. 40% for and against. Trump polls better than Corbyn - there's an awful thought...

I made no comment about deluded leavers. I made a non-partisan comment about the polling. As disclosure I decided to vote leave the day the ECB illegally shut down the Greek banking system in order to force their government into total capitulation rather than negotiate a reasonable deal - which the Troika and Eurogroup had refused to even negotiate about for 9 months beforehand. Even though the IMF debt sustainability report was published a week later, proving that the Greeks were right and the Troika knew their policies had failed in the worst economic fuckup in modern peacetime economic history. Before that I was a reluctant remainer - and that's how I'd probably have voted. All the same tactics were used in the Brexit withdrawal negotiations, and so I feel I was proved right - though my preferred settlement would have been something like the Norway option.

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