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You do realise that the people have been waiting 3 years for their will to be respected?

And the reason we have been waiting 3 years is t do with, guess who.

Ok well that May deal was a non starter to begin with but still...


The guess who is down to bojo the clown and his ERG type loony tories

May did a deal.... labour/lib/snp against it

Tory party has a majority May's deal fails because TORIES voted it down

May quits (dont blame her)

bojo the clown takes over , does another deal (basically mays with an amendment or 2)

Labour/libs/snp against it

Tory party has a majority... TORIES vote down bojo's deal too

The tories are to blame for the brexit clusterfuck, its almost as if they didn't want to leave the EU at all

And perhaps with hindsight, we'd been better off with labour in charge and doing the leave deal (or the liberals....... or the SNP.... or the monster raving loony party) than the tories

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