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Duncan Large,

How have the railways been ruined by private companies? Passenger numbers are at an all time high.

I'm not saying I'd have privatised them, and if I had, not like it was done. But I'm also old enough to remember British Rail.

Water was the industry that got privatised because it had been ruined by government. And after 50 years of chronic underinvestment the infrastructure was totally fucked and it was dumping raw sewage from outfall pipes next to popular bathing beaches.

I'd not use such over-wrought language about much of the other privatisation/nationalisation decisions. If Labour want to renationalise rail, I'm fine with that. I doubt it'll make a huge difference. But those of us old enough to remember the original British Telecom don't rember it as all sunlit uplands. Although I did get a Buzby badge out of them...

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