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Infrastructure should be at least partially state owned and state directed if not state run and this includes roads and rail as well as internet backbone.

State-owned means "paid for out of taxes", i.e. we pay for it but have no control over how it's run. At least with a private company we can decide it's shite & take our business elsewhere (which needn't mean broadband, it could be 4/5G, satellite, etc).

I'm also curious how you reconcile your socialist view on this with the French model, France being a far more socialist country than the UK. In the UK the motorway network is state-run, open to all drivers, and was built by upgrading A-roads at taxpayer expense. In France the autoroute network is privately managed under 30-year concessions, and charges heavy tolls. It's an overlay network, the original main roads are still there, creating a not-very-socialist model where those who have the money can pay to use very good 130km/h roads, and those who can't pay get stuck on single carriageways with 80km/h limits. Not very egalitarian.

It took Openreach 5 1/2 MONTHS to install a phone line for us when we moved about 300 yards down the road.

That's poor, but still twice as fast as it used to take when BT was state-run. If you could get a line at all, that is. We had a party line for years because there wasn't any infrastructure investment.

Perhaps if the masses spent as much time considering other human beings as they did watching sports they might just become socialists,

Hey, there's an idea. Nationalise the premier league and have the results decided by committee. No need to waste TV coverage on it at all, then.

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