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Christmas reductions, anyone?

See, for all people bang on about employment rights, when they focus on shit that really doesn't matter, while this sort of thing does.

Why can we not have two simple changes:

1) Employees name to be kept confidential in employment disputes unless the employer wins - you can't enforce your rights in court if it's going to damage your ability to get your next job(s), and in many professional industry's it does.

2) No RIF between 1st Nov and 31st Jan unless the whole C-suite forgo pay, benefits, and stock during that timeframe. My bank routinely culls in the run up to year end and it's effectively locking people out of their next job until Feb/Mar when budgets get signed off. Can these people not plan ahead more than 3 months? Really?

Cutting heads in the run up to Christmas is pretty merciless, and I say this as quite possibly the Reg's biggest capitalist.

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