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I worked for a company that did small businesses as a choice. The boss had a nasty habit of forgetting to include a new Potato Clock, i mean UPS, or battery refresh to the old one with every new server install. He also had a habit of thinking that 'its not that old' when he had installed it 4 years before. This came to a head when we had a run of 3 or 4 UPS units fail due to their age followed by a power cut at a customer who had completely out grown the 750 unit they had protecting 2 large servers, a firewall, PoE+ Switch and by extension the 12 phones in the office. Some how he managed to turn this in to a positive with all the customers and sent out emails offering to do a power requirement assessment on all UPS including age check for a small fee. The other 'new' policy was not to plug both power supplies, if there were 2, in to the same UPS, making sure the one not in the UPS only ever went in to a surge protected supply.

I lost track of the number of UPS and Surge protectors we sold in the following month, in the bosses defense they were sold almost at cost since he was charging for our time. The person I feel sorry for in all this was the Delivery Driver who carried them up to our 2nd floor office...

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