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Same experience trying to buy AppDynamics and Umbrella and other none core services that Cisco has. Even if you want to buy, it’s like going into a black hole with no path forward at times. As a previous AppDynamics customer we used to be able to go on the site and buy a 5-10k per month subscription in minutes, and then Cisco bought them... literally 2 months chasing sales team to get a price / proposal and no end in sight. Similar experience in other areas. Have my fingers cross that they don’t ruin Duo and Meraki.

Oh and those lovely FirePower devices that the sales team rams down your throat but barely work for even the basic of things... a simple access control list change used to take seconds and has now turned into a 30-60 minute job. All the forums, TAC are talking about it but absolutely no acknowledgement from the company.

In summary, they are letting core networking customers down, UCS is still okay but cloud is there now, and all their other services don’t see to be a priority for anyone.

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