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Workplace antics and the tax man

Nice to see that freelance positioning and taxing is a thing in the UK as well. In the Netherlands we've recently had a new law introduced describing who is and is not a freelancer and how the tax man is to rule on those issues. Immediately followed by cancelling not just the new law but also the old situation. Everyone is now discussing everything including forcing freelancers to take out mandatory disability insurance and pension schemes.

Mandatory disability and pension basically turns the freelancer into an employee with no security in employment. Day laborers in the 20th century were better of!. Imagine the profile for a mandatory disability insurance; 30K yearly max while you'd need to be brain dead to get to that level, paying premium money for the policy. Same for pension scheme; forcing a freelancer to pay into a pension scheme, whilst having a larger deviation in income than the water level in the Thames. All for the best right, let's introduce all these ideas yesterday and gather votes from the sheep.

So on one end employees are cast on the street by Adam Smith's supporters. Having found another way to stay alive the same people are now judged being immoral b*stardos for making a bundle. Thing most people overlook is the (un)certainty of a freelance life where today may bring them 1K but the next two months might only bring them a quick receding hairline.

It's time for the public to take a stand and shove the politicians and lawmakers that come up with these ideas into the sea. Less government as we know it will not be 1:1 with less governance. I'm convinced we can do as good (or bad) a job as the lot we ridicule on a daily basis, whatever party they supposedly belong to today.

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