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Any promises to extend rights of self-employed might win an election, hint Brit freelancer orgs


5 Million Votes

I agree, I will vote for the party that says it will scrap bringing in the changes to IR35 at the least and preferably replace IR35 with something that does not treat limited companies differently depending on their size or the fact they may have contract staff.

What makes me laugh is I have been offered a full time role from April. While it would mean 37% less take home pay, it would also mean I pay 29% LESS tax than I do today. The muppets at HMRC seem to have failed to take corporation tax (or VAT) into account while thinking this will net them more tax. IT will also mean I have to lay off two staff that do odd contract work for me. These changes are an absolute failure to understand the contract market, how important it is to the economy and the fact I am not voting tory or labour unless one of them scraps IR35.


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