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I work a lot in the SME sector, where the problem is slightly different. Good IT people, especially sysadmins and managers, are expensive, and if you want them on the payroll you will need to be finding north of 45-50K. But that level of salary will often put them above senior managers or even directors in a typical SME, which gives them an implicit seniority, because seniority is reflected in salary. It's simply not appropriate for a company to pay someone a board-level salary for doing a mid-level-management job.

And there's a parallel problem in the public sector, eg in schools, where the network admins can't be even paid as much as the teachers. So you get some competent IT folks working for comparatively poor wages because they have a social conscience - and you also get some school networks run by muppets who know less about IT than your average year-10 student.

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