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Weird flex but OK... Motorola's comeback is a $1,500 Razr flip-phone with folding 6.2" screen

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The point of advertising is to sell or upsell an item. The point of revues is to clarify and amplify the advantages or disadvantages of a new item. This Reg revue achieved its aims of clarifying and amplifying the advantages to my satisfaction so well done The Reg. However, the presentation was not enough to overcome the prices disadvantage. As for the car showroom reference, since showrooms are few and far between and since both family cars have done well under 6000 miles, my need to visit car sales points is not so clear. This may not stop me from reading a car revue, though perhaps not of a Ferrari or similar, where both my wife and I would face access issues and for us, reliability counts for far more than image.

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