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20% of UK businesses would rather axe their contractors than deal with IR35 – survey

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For FSCK sake El Reg!!!!

"From 6 April 2020, it will be the contracting body's responsibility to determine whether the contractor should fall within the scope of the "off-payroll working" rules, IR35."

NO - ALL contracts fall under the rule, both now AND in 2020. From THIS starting point, a determination is made as to *IF* the engagement is "inside" (i.e. a disguised employment) or "outside" (i.e. business on its own account). the *CHANGE* is that the determination is currently made by the contractor, from 2020, its the engager who makes the determination.

You are the trade press so should know better!

rant /off

n.b. even this line is an over simplification:

"Those rules state that a contractor doing the same job as an employee should pay similar income tax and national insurance contributions."

"doing the same job" is not just the day to day tasks of getting a task done, the "job" includes the training, benefits and mutual obligations that go hand in hand with being an employee...

A fact often overlooked by the press, jealous permies and even HRMC (as evidenced by their back to back losses at tribunal this week)

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