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They terrrk err jerrrbs! Vodafone replaces 2,600 roles with '600 bots' in bid to shrink €48bn debt

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Just yesterday I spoke to Lucy, a chatbot...

On 23rd October I upgraded, in shop, my 35mb fibre broadband to the next tier up to 64mb. I've had no problems with the Vodafone service at all.

A few days ago neither the speed increases [ sometimes up to 42mb briefly ] nor the new router having arrived I spoke to an Indian gentleman, who was unable to help me since I was unable to recall offhand the last 4 digits of the direct debit account I pay with.

Yesterday the new router did appear [ fancy that ! ], and within half an hour I had disconnected the old and installed the new --- which, by the way, is a very splendid router indeed [ Model No. THG3000, made in Vietnam --- it really is lovely ] --- my Mint Linux computer [ although on this KDE distro the networking modules have never been intuitive, relying mostly on continual restarts until the WiFi is picked up ] found the signal and stated the connection was good.

Incidentally, Vodafone provide the password in 4 segments for easy comprehension, but neglect to mention one must squash these together to make one word. Anyway, it worked.

Yet... although all lights on the router indicated all working, and the computer indicated all working, no data at all went through.

After several restarts I rang Vodafone and was lucky enough to speak to Lucy, who was unable to understand simple words but finally routed me through to broadband complaints; I then heard 30 repetitions of some girl saying "We Are Sorry, All Our Customer Advisors Are Busy' for half an hour until I terminated the call.

I then reinstalled the old router.

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