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Exactly right. Also, in those days, the mainframe people were quite disparaging as the personal computers then were hundreds or even thousands of times slower than the top mainframes of the era.

What they failed to take into consideration was the length of time it took the operators of the wonder machines to deign to notice your card deck in the input pigeonholes and feed it through the card reader.

Then a wait while a request for a data tape is flashing on the system console. The tape monkey is usually making tea for the entire operations shift, so sometime after tea your job gets to execute. At lightning speed it finishes and then you only have to wait until someone takes a huge stack of fanfold paper off the back of the printer, separates it into the individual job outputs and places yours in the output pigeonhole.

Meanwhile, your colleague with the new, but ever so slow PC, has corrected the error that also caused your program to crash, started his second run and is enjoying his coffee while the PC chugs away merrily with results expected about the same time as you finish punching the replacement cards to submit your second attempt.

The freedom people felt in the early 70's with just a 4.77MHz 8086 with a few hundred kilobytes of RAM and, if you were lucky, a 10Mb hard disk, was just amazing. About the only people who stuck with the mainframes were the ones needing extremely large volumes of data/number-crunching/printed output. Even those were increasingly sorted by larger disks, maths coprocessors and laser printers over the next decade.

I can't see those that tasted that freedom going back to relying ever again on someone else's hardware.

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