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So like Marmite in one respect.

I guess.. But I also love Marmite, so maybe some connection. Can't stand lutefisk though, but I think that was more the texture.

Surreal. Maybe you need to be Swedish.

Or open minded. Or nasally challenged. It does reek to high heaven, but served on flatbread with sliced spuds and some chopped green stuff (tarragon?) it was nice. But I kinda like salt fish, fish sauce and possibly even garum. I also think there's a fair bit of truth in some smells affecting people more strongly than others, or at certain times.. Like a fully-loaded kebab smells wonderful while drunk, but less so after you find half of it down the back of the sofa a month later. I think some Asians have the right idea wearing face shields on public transport to mask the scent of peopel, or their various potions & lotions.

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