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My interactions with French and Italian police, and my Kiwi ex, make me fully agree with you.

Italian border police made me and two other 21 year olds (females) miss a train to France deliberately so they could search through their backpacks - not the least bit interested in mine.

When I was 29 a French cop pulled a pistol on me simply because I was complaining about RyanAir making me miss a flight, the one time I got into a fight with a cop simply because I was scared shitless. Fight and then flight.

I'd just witnessed a very aggressive 'manifestation' (cross between a strike and a direct action) by striking riot police in Paris.

No British cop ever pulled a gun on me or used violence against me, I'm just saying they often have tried to provoke fights or have used violence unjustifiably against innocents when I was present. I saw one 12ish year old girl batoned hard to her head for being in the wrong place and the wrong time.

Like I said, I've know good Scottish cops too that have let me off with stuff that could have had me in prison.

There was a 1950s BBC series called 'Face to Face' that featured an interview with Bertrand Russell describing being rescued by the police as a peace protester in the First World War. You can find it on YouTube so I won't bother with an exact transcript, but it went along the lines of:

He was about to be attacked by a jingoistic London mob, and his friends approached the police for help but they turned a blind eye.

"You really should do something about this, he's a distinguished writer"

"Oh?" said the police.

"Yes, he's a well known philosopher"

"Oh?" said the police.

"He's the brother of an Earl!"

"And the police rushed and saved me".

[Edit: Found it elsewhere.

A fanatic against fanaticism, and other pleasures of Bertrand Russell in his own words


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