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Cloud, cloud, cloud, cloud....oh fuck off

Getting sick of the push to cloud. Was in the local garage the other day for MOT and noticed their reception PC with all our details in a database is still on XP (I saw the old skool database as I asked them to change my address as they had it down wrong). All fine if not on the Internet. And it's a small garage. I bet they've paid for the setup once and that's it, no other bills after. But if you got a slimy consultant to go to that place, they'd try to sell them the idea of "the cloud" and gloss over the fact of the bills. The fact if they moved that setup to "the cloud" they'd now be forced into a yearly Office 365 subscription, forced to have a dedicated Internet connection, then potentially have issue when their Internet connection goes down. So the "cloud" in this case would actually cost them more than their current setup.

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