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Part of the problem is, quite honestly, I believe lawyers.

From a British perspective, I don't honestly think that's true. Quite honestly, I think that your problem is your courts, not the lawyers.

People have tried to throw USA style spurious cases in the UK before. They get advised not to, and then do it anyway. The courts then give the people who bought the case a really good kicking by ruling that no case exists to answer, and forcing the people bringing the case to pay their lawyers costs, the courts sitting costs, their opponents lawyers costs, compensation for wasting the time of their opponents and labeling the case "vexatious", which if done repeatedly means that you can get barred from using the legal system in the UK without permission.

The result is very few frivolous civil cases. And there are even fewer people trying to use the criminal justice system against their competitors; I think that's been tried once. The result was even more nasty; they had more of a library thrown at them than a book.

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