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Section 230 supporters turn on it, its critics rely on it. Up is down, black is white in the crazy world of US law


This seems too easy

How about having no political ads, period. Candidates can publish material about their platform and where they stand on issues, but I get to go research it, not have it shoved in my face. There would be a need for conglomeration of the info, but any site doing that is not allowed to express opinions. So you would have "Candidate ABC is for the requirement of wearing codpieces in public while Candidate DEF is against this requirement" and not "Candidate ABC is completely bonkers for wanting to force everyone to wear a codpiece whenever they are in public, while Candidate DEF has a grasp on reality and thinks this is absurd and is clearly the only choice any reasonable person can make."

It's not easy, but you can usually find a pretty simple list of where candidates stand on certain issues.

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