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I've had it with these motherflipping eggs on this motherflipping train

Humpty McNumpty


OK but what do you have to do to an egg to make it genuinely stinky, rather than just an egg?

When on holiday in Egypt we took multiple trips that meant the Hotel packed us a breakfast to eat on the delightful heavily guarded convoys such trips involve, they always included a hard boiled egg, and smelt perfectly fine. In the UK I wouldn't hesitate to break out a scotch egg on a train, down the hatch what what! (In no circumstance one of those travesties you can buy in a supermarket)

There are far more irritating things than food odours you can encounter on public transport, pissed up tramps that decide you want to talk to or fight them, arseholes in your reserved seat, that twat who's keeping a seat for his bag, football fans, football fans on the phone ...

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