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Ericsson and Nokia are also Chinese

Boycotting Huawei will simply lead to employees and expertise leaving one Chinese company for another.

Oddly enough, the Trump administration doesn't understand what's going on. Huawei is only used to give the world a new Cold War. Therefore, everyone should support that Huawei is trying to defend itself.

Even if Europe and Australia opts for Ericsson or Nokia, it will still use Chinese 5G products. All technology companies have one thing in common, much of their equipment is produced in Chinese factories.

Nokia and Ericsson have 12,000 employees in China for the production of the companies' 5G networks. In addition, they have cooperation agreements with many Chinese factories for delivering components to the companies' 5G networks.

American inspectors have probably not called in at Nokia Shanghai Bell or they would have realised that Nokia is, in a real sense, a Chinese company. Most 5G components are produced in China anyway, so it is puzzling that the US insists Europe and Australia cannot use Huawei technology.

Ericsson has six R&D centers in China, with totally 5000 R&D engineers. 90% of Ericsson product involved five Chinese R&D center. Nanjing Ericsson Panda has developed into the world's largest supply center for Ericsson. 40% of Ericsson's global shipments come from here, and the localization rate of products is close to 100%.

Ericsson even owns 5G patents together with Huawei. Therefore, based on the American mindset, Ericsson must also be boycotted by the US. By using Ericsson, the US also gets a Chinese-made 5G network. What, then, is the point of boycotting Huawei?

For Nokia 7,000 employees in China focusing on customers, service, R&D, manufacturing and supply chain. Nokia has six R&D innovation hubs and three manufacturing facilities. If Europe boycotts Huawei, Nokia has the plans ready: Adding 2500 new Chinese employees.

Way should Europe and Australia just to support the US’ new-found policy of protectionism?

Why should Europe and Australia pay the costs, take the risks and gamble with their economic development and growth?

Blindly following the US will have enormous consequences for European business. It will delay the development and deployment of artificial intelligence and the next generation of wireless services, just to support the US’ new-found policy of protectionism.

United States influence

Over the past year, countries all over the world have been visited by President Trump's envoys. The message is threatening: We must choose: Either China or the United States. Which has led to debates and fears. We are moving away from "one world, one system".

Common cyber security and global standards will be reduced. Our world is hardly more secure if we contribute to a polarized world. Especially smaller countries, with an open economy, rely on fewer trade barriers, not more. We should not help to tear down the trade regime created after World War II.

Europe and Australia must work for common international standards, joint efforts on cyber security, and work with several global players.

Neither Europe nor Australia can boycott a company because it has an ethnic Chinese origin. Ethnic discrimination has been tried by Europe (before the Second World War) .

The purpose of developing technologies is to give people more options, and greater diversity.

Technological advances, such as AI and 5G, must be used to create a more peaceful world. And do not be abused, as the United States now does, to establish a new Cold War.

Just to make the US Great again...

Please see my article in South China Morning Post:

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