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Purely anecdotal

I struggled as a youngun in the UK to get a business off the ground. It was in theory a good business but something like half my earnings were going out in various taxes and I wasn't even making that much to start with. I didn't dare hire any staff because of all the extra tax complications and legal risks. It felt like every small win was immediately knocked down by HMRC or someone else. So it just stagnated, I got sick of it all and left the UK.

I now live in a regime that has a single page income tax return, no CGT and minimal tax on overseas income. It's not just that I pay less tax - it's so much less stressful when everything is simple, you don't have to mess around with 100 different deductions and the tax office doesn't call you a "customer". It's no coincidence that SMEs flourish here, we weathered some nasty economic hiccups just fine, unemployment rates are extremely low and government runs very efficiently. It's tempting for governments to kiss the arse of big business because it's a quick easy win. But in the long term SMEs are the sturdy oaks in a forest of shit (excuse the analogies). So yes, more should be done to encourage and support them.

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