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And this is why I like the SunPass/EZPass/WhateverPass we have in the US. It's usually a small plastic box which attaches to the windshield with little suction cup feet; this means that it can be removed from a vehicle and moved to another one, and that the SunPass/whatever people only care about the car license plate if there's insufficient funds on the SunPass, so I can and have placed it on other vehicles, including once a hulking great U-Haul truck. There are SunPass thingies which are designed to be permanently affixed to the windshield, but only el cheapo people go with them, they're $5 instead of $25... but they also come with only $5 of initial SunPass charges, instead of $25, as the SunPass device itself is free, on the Kodak or Gillette or inkjet printer business model. I use the Turnpike three times a week, about $4 per run, as going from West Palm Beach to Hialeah via the Turnpike is a hour 20 minutes usually while going West Palm to Hialeah via I-95 is two hours at that time. I'm serious, there's a 40 minute difference. I'm willing to pay $4 to not have to face I-95 in Miami-Dade County, especially between October and April, when the Canadian snowbirds infest the place. Apparently no-one in Quebec knows how to drive. It's bad enough normally, with the young Hispanic males who have watched too many 'Fast and Furious' movies and can drive sideways, and their sisters who are worse, it ain't testosterone poisoning. I stay as far away as possible from white license plates with blue text, that's Ontario or Quebec and they do things that the Miami Cubans have never dreamed of. The Don should build the damn wall along the northern border and keep the snowbirds out, the Mexicans are much better behaved. They're better behaved than the Miami Cubans.

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