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I had a TSB bank account which then turned into a Lloyds bank account ... I only every ahd it because when I took out a TSB mortgage in the 90s they were allowed to require you to make the payment from a TSB account (and they tried to persuade me that I should switch to this as my main account) ... so as a result for ~20 years the account had 2 transacxtions each month - a standing order from my main account paying money in and then a debit from the account to take the mortgage payment. As a result, when they originally sent me a direct debit card I pointedly handed them bac saying I didn;t want them. FOrward ~20 years and with mortgage paid off I decided to close the account ... as there was ~£100 left in it the person at the bank tried to transfer it back to me ... but computer said "need bank card to authorise transfer" - eventually the bank person decided on a plan where they closed the account and then we went to the counter where she asked the cashier to check the branches "unidentified money balance" which now held the ~£100 which they then gave me in cash!

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