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Re: I wish him luck, for the employees' sake

"Because he's starting pretty far down, one must admit."

My view is DXC is toast in most western countries - they have tried outsourcing IT to "cheaper" countries and gutted their operations in western countries of almost everything except management. If Salvino can recover from there, he's a goddamn miracle worker because many of his markets are now operating on single figure profit margins so there isn't a lot of money to pour back into them to re-establish the company.

In less developed countries (BRIC plus MEA), a "new" DXC could emerge - they seem to be chasing the business and providing usable good solutions both technically and financially. The challenge is that the BRIC plus MEA business is significantly smaller than DXC today.

It's also possible that I'm being over-optimistic and selling DXC at a bargin basement price might be the best that Salvino can hope for before the ship sinks. Particularly as he sails towards those icebergs.

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