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Ah the glory of Gmail wrong addresses

One of my cousins had a firstname.lastname address from Gmail. He started to get all kinds of bumf from Facebook, as someone had signed up for Facebook using his address. He wrote to the user. Nothing changed. He used the contact phone number in Facebook and called the user, who apparently worked for Shell in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. Didn’t get the user, left voicemail. Nothing changed. Went onto Facebook, left a message. Nothing changed. Went onto Facebook, changed the password. Problem went away for about a week, then came back, apparently after the user figured out how to change the password back. Went onto Facebook, changed the password again, to something like “you’re a fucking idiot” only stronger, and went through the process to ‘deactivate’ the account. That worked. The user still has not contacted my cousin. Exactly how someone so stupid manages to walk and breathe at the same time is not clear.

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