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Couple of times for me as well, though in the past

One amusing, one not so.

First the amusing one. My first ISP account from through Demon and I went all HHGTTG with my domain - using one of the character names. My email address was forename followed by first letter of surname at the aforementioned domain. Putting aside the occasional accidental email from Professor Heinz Wolfe of The great Egg Race fame, I suddenly found my email address had been added to a distribution list for a group of swingers. Quite amusing at first until I started receiving photos. When I pointed out they had the wrong person I received a very apologetic response and it all went quiet (I should have asked if I could still join in ....).

The not so amusing one. One of the UK cable channels started a psychic hotline. Problem was the last two digits of the number were the transpose of my work number. It would sound funny but the calls I received were from recent widows often sounding like they were in their 70s/80s wanting to see if they could get in touch with their recently departed husbands. I would like to point out I was polite and also careful and courteous when explaining they had the wrong number. I quickly contacted the TV show and they apologised and changed the number.

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