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More adventures on wrong emails

It seems Gmail is a real winner on this. As many other commentards, I've received my fair share of interesting correspondence... My email is SurnameInitial at gmail and I guess there are a few persons with variants of surname.initial.

The most interesting was a couple of years ago when I got an email with the security detail, and the schedule of the bodyguards, for a very big award ceremony in Los Angeles (I think it was the SGA)... one of my email dopplergängers is a private security officer in California.

I normally ignore these emails, but in this particular case I made an exception and contacted the sender back, just in case, even though I've never been to California, or to the Land of the Free, for that matter.

Other, less exciting include a person going late on their loan payments in Peru; and a very prolific internet buyer in Argentina, who seems hellbent on subscribing to every store newsletter they can find

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