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Believe it or not, I have a smilar problem

But in my case, it is with someone with the same name as me who lives in East Africa.

I'm posting this anonymously, because you can work out my gmail account from my handle here. It's an unusual name you would think, but so far, I've had mail meant for this namesake from hospitals, from the British Consulate in Dar es Salaam (inviting me/him to a reception with the ambassador, no less), three different hotel chains, at least one school, Barclays International Bank, goodness knows how many people wanting to introduce themselves, and. to cap it all, my namesake's daughter.

I actually had a bit of a pleasant exchange with said daughter while trying to let her know that she was using the wrong email address, but even though I thought I had got the message through, I'm still getting mails from her.

When it started happening, I spent some time attempting to get all of these people to correct their records, but having failed, I now tag them and delete them from my inbox in gmail (can't remember exactly the filter I use, but it's pretty specific). I currently have in excess of 2000 mails, gathered over about 8 years.

My namesake actually has an account with ymail, but people obviously either misread or mistype ymail as gmail, and thus I get his mail.

I've given up trying to fix it. It's a good job Google give significant amounts of space, but I wonder what on earth their profiling algorithms make of me apparently living both in the UK and Tanzania.

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