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Peter Christy

I can sympathise....

Back when I got my first ISP to join t'internet, I was running OS/2 (yes, really! Even then, I was spectacularly unimpressed by Micro$oft products.). As part of the Warp 3 promotion, IBM offered to be your ISP for a very reasonable amount, along with an email address. Thinking this was pretty cool - and there only being a few users back then - I ended up with as my email address (long defunct, so spammers, don't bother!)

For a year or two, all was well, but then I started getting regular, large newsletters from some Republican senator, telling me what a great job he was doing for his local community and state. This was all very well, but I've lived in England all my life, and while I have travelled the world a bit, I've never been to America! He was certainly wasting his time (and my bandwidth) trying to elicit my vote!

Repeated polite requests to have my name removed from the mailing list fell on deaf ears, until eventually I snapped. I sent a rather curt and very impolite email.

I was never bothered by him again, but I do wonder if my name is now on a blacklist somewhere, and what would happen if I ever DID try to visit the USA....!

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