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Re: Can I get you to do Morrisons as well?

That is likely the responsible answer. If the user is legitimate, then it is indeed up to the user to correct any profile mistakes.

The correct thing to do would be to mark the information "unknown". If it is the customer then let them do that, if it isn't then it is in fact true. The customer can still correct the information any time they choose to.

Otherwise people are stuck in this 'wrong number' / 'wrong email address' trap forever if the actual customer has died and there's no one but the customer can change things.

I know from personal experience the NHS manage to sort such problems out.

After all it's in their interests to do so before they get legal action started against them. Which is the best threat and course if they want to play silly buggers. Turning the tables is sometimes the only way to make arseholes see sense.

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