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simple contact form?

There's nothing simple about a contact form if you're doing it right.

Most "simple" contact forms I see usually just blindly fire off an email to an address with no ability to deal with problems like the server it's sending to being temporarily down or the email being rejected somewhere as spam etc. Most don't even log the activity so when someone finally realises that the form has stopped working there's no record of who has used it in the 6 months since the last message was received from the form (probably when the dev who set it up did a test message).

For a contact form to work as expected it either needs to be accessed through a web portal or maybe feed directly into something like a google sheet rather than sending an email. If it is sending an email then it needs to be able to queue messages in case of server downtime and it needs to send some kind of weekly digest so the person receiving knows: a) that the form is still working, b) whether any of the submissions that week failed to be delivered.

Suddenly the simple contact form isn't so simple especially when you can just put a mailto link in there and not have to reinvent a lot of stuff that's already built into email.

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