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I, Tonya

I used to keep getting regular status reports for a GMC Yukon. It would tell me interesting reports like tyre pressures, diagnostic reports, mileage etc. It even listed its VIN number etc

Only one problem, I have never owned a GMC Yukon and since it was registered in Michigan, and i live in the UK, it is unlikely to be mine. I traced it down to a difference of one letter. I'm Tony and the car is owned by a Tonya.

Being a good citizen I set about trying to fix it. However I found it impossible to contact the diagnostic firm. They had no customer contact email. In the end I did it via twitter messenger. I told them the problem, but they seemed to struggle with the concept. They eventually agreed to fix it.

1 month later I got another diagnostic report. At that point I said what the hell. I just hope Tonya doesn't get a big issue with her car

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