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This kind of thing probably happens all the time.

I get SMS "emergency" messages from Dominican University of California. I have never been enrolled at, have never worked for, never visited, nor in any other way been affiliated with Dominican. I'm not even certain where their campus is, other than somewhere in San Rafael, California.

I've tried to convince them to stop sending the messages to me, but they say that because I can't prove I'm the person that requested them, I can't turn them off. (WTF? It's my telephone getting them ...) When I asked them to provide me with the contact details of the person who listed me as the recipient, they can't because "privacy". So I asked THEM to contact that person, to tell them that they made a mistake in the recipient details. They say don't have a procedure for that. Etc.

I wrote the above back in January, in response to Gary's first tale of woe ... Update it now for the recent PG&E "emergency" power cuts and the fires we've been having here in California. Over the space of a week I received close to two dozen "emergency" text messages intended for some poor soul who is obviously doing without. I had reason to go to San Rafael, so I stopped by the Dominican campus to clear things up. They threatened to have me arrested for intercepting their communications! I pointed out that they were sending them to me, I wasn't intercepting them ... which seemed to confuse the flunkies. After about an hour, they decided that the person I needed to speak with wasn't in that day, and would I mind leaving my number?

In theory I will be receiving a call from somebody who can fix it this week. I'm not holding my breath.

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