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I have the exact same problem, except almost everything i receive in error is from the USA - I am on some form of Parents email list for a school, some sort of alumni mailing list for a US university - i've been signed up to receive potential real estate options for when I move to the relevant area (i managed to get this one stopped). I've been told of by a religious leaded because my child had the temerity to go and represent her school at some national sporting even, rather than turn up for yet another sunday school something or other - I almost responded to this one as the preacher had the gall to complain that my child (not my child) was setting a very bad example to the other children by not sticking to their commitments, despite the child in question sticking to the commitment they made to their school and school team by playing for them in a national final.

Sometimes i respond to get it shut off - sometimes i just delete them. I've been in touch with people directly to have them inform whoever they are emailing that they have used the wrong email address.

Sometimes its funny, sometimes not. Whoever isn't getting their emails is often missing out on really important information (when to pick up their car, what their children are supposed to be doing, etc etc)

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