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Interestingly, the recently departed exec in charge of Data Centres at Uber, published, as his last post (very inflated ego!), why he was leaving and what he was going to do next.

The timing must have been good for him, because Uber had just IPO'd, so I guess he made stacks of money.

Anyway, in his LinkedIn post he waxed lyrical about all his achievements (as you do), and then boasted that he'd set up the Infrastructure Masons to support the Data Centre industry and to advance charitable efforts to increase diversity in the tech sector - one of the chief beneficiaries, he informed us, is his daughter's charity (yes, the one she set up and runs). I do marvel at all those corporate idiots who are bankrolling this flagrant nepotism, but then, the chance to hobnob with the likes of Joe Kava (Google) and Christian Belady (Microsoft) et al must be too good to pass up...

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