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Waste of time

The priorities of all the political parties is light years from IR35 and the self employed. They couldn't really care less.

This last week I have been watching past political debates from the 1970s. Michael Foot, Edward Heath, Thatcher, Skinner etc. It is suicidally depressing to note that, whilst their level of intellect was clearly far higher than the mongrels we have in parliament today, the 'message' hasn't changed. It's all about "Improving our NHS, our schools, more bobbies on the beat, jobs".

We've been fed the same shit election after election for at least 40 years, and nothing has changed. I do believe the standard of living in this country is higher. Far higher. But that has nothing whatsoever to do with politicians. In fact, I would argue that it took place *despite* the politicians.

Which is why I'm not voting in the next election. Fuck the lot of them. I'm done.

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