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Handle Gmail handles with care

Yep. I've had transactions from all over the world (not mine!) come through to my 6-letter-prefix Gmail account. My favourites are the Dallas resident who checks their Merc in for servicing regularly with my address, and the mercifully one-off set of messages to do with a recently-deceased's funeral service arrangements (in Arizona) and settling of estate, although that was a large set of messages. I've had postal redirection confirmations, parcel delivery arrangements, doctors appointments, grocery shopping receipts, vehicle rental, flight booking & itinerary confirmations (including account set up so I had been sent all the info necessary for an account takeover, even residential address), requests for references, neighbourhood watch correspondence and many, many more. These have all appeared to be genuine rather than the usual barrage of normal spam.

Normally I let it slide, hit delete, and allow people to discover their own mistakes, but on occasions when it appears to really matter a sternly worded email referencing violations of privacy legislation, data protection, and threats to take it to head office seem to do the trick. Apart from Dallas (Tx) Mercedes, bless 'em.

UK resident, never been to USA. Anon for obvious reasons.

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