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There is an anarchist phrase, All Cops Are, but they aren't all. The fact we even know that some are is because some aren't. The worst ones get promoted though. Their training is awful, their culture is awful. A lovely young relative who completed the training started complaining about "human rights" because they stopped them doing their job 'properly'.

I've witnessed, or been subjected to, some nasty police abuses and it's the one time I appreciate my awful brother in law being a lawyer. I was arrested with a girl in a wheelchair who was being hurt by a MoD plod. I told the cop arresting me to stop his mate hurting her. Typical escalating cop response, "Why, are you going to do something about it?"

They are always looking to start a fight.

"Yes, I will. My brother in law is a QC, my family is well off, and I will have both of you in court. Unless you stop him hurting her now you'll both lose your jobs and face prison".

I know, posh privilege.

Police get trained to have a sense of entitlement and empowerment. I'd trust anyone here with my data rather any police officer. I'm not anti-police, they have a far worse job than any of us. My cop relative came late to Christmas once because they had to deal with a woman who'd killed her kids and jumped out the window without killing herself. My worst Christmas at work was swapping out the server hard disks at Sky TV, for far more money.

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