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Senior GitLab exec resigns over plan to stop hiring engineers in China and Russia

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China and Russia are nuclear superpowers. So if they don't want to extradite the person who stole your code, the U.S. government can't just respond with regime change.

China is a totalitarian dictatorship. They say they have freedom of religion, but Catholics there can't go to actual Catholic churches, but instead to churches run by a government-controlled body, the Patriotic Catholic Association. (I realise some people in Britain may not understand how bad this is, because they had the Church of England palmed off on them by Henry VIII as just as good.)

Russia's political system is not particularly inspiring either.

Yes, a lot of countries have hackers, but Russia and China are the places where the government can just order people to engage in espionage or their families will be harmed. Under such a condition, no one from those countries can be trusted, and it's not their fault. Turkey, Brazil, and other countries noted are not on that level.

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