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Any proof you want that the Tories are another bunch of bed-wetting SJW virtue-signalling career-politicians is IR-35 - Labour's spiteful green-eyed attack on industry - pursued by "the Tories"...

A contractor doing the equivalent role to a £40K permie will raise more tax for HMRC than the permie (VAT + corp tax, + divvies + NI and income tax), will be cheaper and more flexable for the hiring company (encouraging commerce within our borders) and will deliver more disposable income into the worker's pocket - as well as employ the services of a usually UK-based accountant - everyone's a winner.

But no, this ridiculous attack on our industry will force what's left of IT jobs off-shore - the big corporations won't suddenly start hiring more UK staff - they'll just shut UK technical centres - The "Tories" are putting their core voters on the dole - or should I say ex-core-voters - just to appeal to a bunch of student union types who will never vote Tory regardless of their policies.

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