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"GitLabs need to relocate their HQ"

San Diego would be a good start, if they want to stay in Cali-Fornicate-You, but in my view, that's probably a bad move... so if you must move, move to Texas or the S.E. USA. There you will find lower living expenses, less socialism, less gummint interference, and people who aren't SNOBBY SOCIALISTS.

(then again they sometimes object in those places when Californians go there, and bring the FAILED SOCIALIST MENTALITIES WITH THEM, screwing up the 'good place' with bad ideas that caused them to move away from where they were in the FIRST place)

But if I were to pick a foreign country to set up in, why not the UK ? Plenty of talent, decent place to love, yotta yotta. Taxes and expensive might be higher than Texas or S.E. USA, but then again LOWER than San Francisco...

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