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"GitLab could dodge this bullet by giving companies the option to specify exactly who works on their code?"

I think the concern here is more about INDUSTRIAL ESPIONAGE...

In other words, if I have a private repo (many many reasons to do that) storing my company's software source, ANYONE at the hosting company (gitlab, github, sourceforge, whoever) can view it if they have the right privileges. At this point, if it's viewable by someone inside China (let's say) whose login credentials are easily sniffed by "the great firewall", there is NOTHING stopping the government of China from doing a bit of industrial espionage on PRIVATE REPOS. Their past performance with respect to industrial espionage suggest NOT ONLY that they WOULD, but PROBABLY DO ALREADY.

So they go on a fishing expedition for things they can rip off, or SUE OVER, or PATENT TROLL with, using stolen credentials that were "stealable" due to MITM across the great firewall.

THAT is the concern, I'm sure of it.

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